Water is life

It’s every individual’s right to have access to clean drinkable water.

our work

We partner with leaders, individuals, businesses and local governments to support the needs of communities; that require quality water, hygiene and sanitation initiatives . As we strive for excellence and sustainability, together, CWF and its partners create programs that can be maintained and flourish for future needs.

Non-Profit Organization

A Non-Profit Organization that desires to unite nations under the Joint goal of eliminating the global water crisis by providing All with safe, clean drinking Water.

Bringing Safe Clean Water

Water, essential to life, a human right as recognized by the United Nations. Safe, clean water is our goal. We move to ensure that people have access to this basic necessity of life.

Impoverished Communities

We have optimized our mission by implementing WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) services, to communities that lack basic hygienic structures such as latrines and hand-washing stations.


Clean Water Foundation provides safe and clean-living waters along with hygiene and sanitation education to impoverished communities in the United States and in developing nations.


CWF is committed to establishing water centers including Groundwater sites, Atmospheric Water Generators and delivering Bottles/Cartons of water to overlooked corners of the world.
The United Nations estimates that more than 1 billion people do not have access to safe water.
We humbly wish to facilitate healing by substantially decreasing water-borne illnesses among those who lack this very basic life-sustaining need, and envision a world where there is clean water for all.


Water is Life

Water, essential to life, a human right as recognized by the United Nations.

our values

We Honor and Love each person . Helping those who are committed to uplifting their circumstances.

personal connections

We are always available to speak with our sponsors and sponsee.

personal connections

We are always available to speak with our sponsors and sponsee.

CWF envisioned a magnificent waterfall, a cumulation of trillions of drops. Each drop is singular yet united for one purpose. You are the light and the water drop that will raise CWF global impact. Your love donation is the reason why there is hope for many who were hopeless.

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You are needed! “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” —Vincent Van Gogh Join us as we elevate this world one cup at a time and be the change that your heart desires. We are one body of water made up of many drops. Become the water drop of Hope!

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About us

Welcome To Clean Water Foundation

Tiffany Martinez has seen the devastating effect of limited water accessibility on homeless individuals in her community. While she was traveling abroad in various African and Central American countries. Tiffany has made it her mission to provide access to this vital life substance that we call water to all persons in dire need.


All our services revolve around water!

Clean Water Foundation unites America under the banner of Water for All. When you donate, you ensure Americans and those in unreached regions of the world will have access to clean, drinkable water. Clean Water Foundation is driven by a goal to bring sustainable water, hygiene, and sanitation education to millions for generations to come.

100% Involved

We are members of the American Water Works Association( AWWA), the largest non-profit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water.
Clean Water Foundation is a full transparency non-profit organization.

Pure Water

We provide pure water through the best water purification systems.

Serving the Community

We serve to honor and love all people, giving to those who have no means to give back.
CWF wants ALL communities, regardless of class status, to be healthy and hydrated.
We strengthen relationships between all nations united in the purpose of eliminating the global water crisis.

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Our Project

Our Project

Volunteer With Us

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Our Project

Our Sister Keeper

Help families like this Himba momma and her sweet baby girl by joining us in providing water to villages like hers. You are the change

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OUR Team

Tiffany, Martinez


Tiffany founder and CEO of the Clean Water Foundation, has dedicated her life to uplifting and honoring every person. Her passion is to elevate this world by serving and giving to others where it is needed. She is committed to following her heart desires in creating a space where people can come together and elevate their collective consciousness to positively serve others.

Macy Burch


Originally from Boise, Idaho Macy moved to Los Angeles in 2019 .She has always had a passion for non-profits and has worked for them throughout her life. Macy has volunteered at places such as food banks and clothing drives, aiding the homeless . She is super excited to be part of this journey with Clean Water Foundation as she applies her expertise in digital marketing and management .

Dong Kim


Dong lives in Los Angeles, working as a massage therapist. He has always enjoyed working and volunteering with NGOs. Dong is glad to be part of the Clean Water Foundation family to support the needs of the team as CFO.

Tiffany Martinez